In Order of District Number 

Gregory Michalek, Candidate for State Representative, 9th Legislative District of Pennsylvania

I have read your pledge request.

Numbers 3 and 6 can not both be an affirmative answer.  No legislation (mentioned in #6) can change the method for drawing congressional districts. That change would require a constitutional amendment.

The redistricting issue has plagued Pennsylvania voters as a partisan tool for at least 40 years, if not longer. Republicans used to complain that the Democrats gerrymandered the districts to keep Republican representation at a minimum, and now the Democrats are making the same complaint. 

I will include this same statement in with my completed pledge. #6 will be left blank, because I have an understanding of the Pennsylvania Constitution. It must stand as the guide, regardless of my personal belief on the redistricting.


From Candidate Anthony Sposato, Candidate for PA House 141th Legislative District 

Response from Mr Anthony Sposato,

I really do favor open primaries where you have 1 vote for 1 candidate for the particular office. Not picking 2 candidates for the same office.

Also, no candidate should be able to run for two offices at the same time.

I do not like early voting.

I do not think same day registration is a good idea either.

You need an ID for almost everything else in life. It seems to me that to insure that someone is a citizen, and that they are registered in one area to vote in that area is common sense. There are instance where people have voted in different poling places for the same candidate. It does happen and voting, it is a privilege to have the right to vote. The integrity of each vote should be guaranteed as  much as possible. I do not understand why it is not legal to have ID laws.

Redistricting: I want citizens to be equally represented as well. In a perfect world every party Dem’s Republican and Libertarians.

Today we are so far from compromise we need a totally politically diverse committee to balance this. I wish there were no party affiliations to be concerned with. If everyone was registered independent all politicians would have to serve constituents and not just their base.

I hope that will clarify things. Thank you for the opportunity to be understood truthfully. Not much of that anymore.

Be well Susan,

Anthony J Sposato