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Ethics pledge 2018

Pennsylvania No-Nonsense Pledge

  • I pledge to conduct myself professionally, with honesty, accuracy, transparency and an understanding of my responsibility to serve all of the people Pennsylvania. 
  • I pledge to post my expenses and my votes on my website for the public to view. 
  • I pledge to adhere to the articles and values of Pennsylvania Constitution.
  • I pledge to accept no gifts and to support legislation to ban gifts to all Legislators and their staff.
  • I pledge to work earnestly, with transparency, and across partisan lines to pass a budget that serves the people of Pennsylvania justly, fairly and on time.
  • I pledge to support legislation to take away the responsibility for the redistricting process from the partisan inclinations of the Legislature, and instead, deliver it to a non-partisan citizens commission.
  • I pledge to treat all of my colleagues, staff, voters, and visitors with dignity and respect; creating a discrimination and harassment-free environment for all.
  • I pledge to support legislation that would ban pay-to-play and no-bid contracts and enact restrictions on campaign finance. 
  • I pledge to support legislation to ensure that every citizen has a fair and equal opportunity to vote.
  • I pledge to only accept reimbursement for actual expenses, submit receipts, and not request any unvouchered per diem payments. 
  • I pledge all of this as a sign of my dedication to honest government, to bring back to public service, and to embody the values of civility, compromise and common sense on which this great nation was founded. Furthermore, I ask my constituents to hold me accountable to this pledge.

Yes, it’s that simple. There’ a “No Tax Pledge.” Why not have a “No-Nonsense Pledge?” Call me idealistic, but I believe we can and should demand that every candidate sign it. And whatever your party affiliation or lack thereof, I ask that you join me in in this movement. Even in an era of political division, we ought to be able to agree on the need for candidates to adhere to basic principles. In fact, if there’s one thing we can all agree on, I have to believe this is it.


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