Candidates Challenged to Sign PA “No-Nonsense Pledge

Ethics in politics. It’s not an oxymoron or at least, it shouldn’t be. However, given Pennsylvania’s long and recent history of corruption scandals among members of both parties, well, sometimes I wonder. Will they ever learn? Will we – the voters – ever learn?

All too often, it seems like integrity is the exception to the norm in Harrisburg. How many times have you read news reports about epic lapses in judgment, embarrassing misdeeds, and greed-driven crimes committed by elected officials at nearly every level of state government?

Meanwhile, measures to tighten our laws and ensure that our leaders do their jobs the right way, on time, and in line with their Constitutional duties languish year after year. Instead, we get more of the same – partisan gridlock, childish political feuds, districts that are gerrymandered to oblivion, budgets that run weeks or months late, pitifully lax campaign finance regulations, no ban on gifts, ongoing efforts to suppress the vote, secret payouts to cover up sexual misconduct, and endless perks.

 And yet, I still have faith in the system (and I hope you do, too). I believe that “we the people” have the power to enact change through the election process. That is why I am asking every candidate for state office in 2018 to sign the following pledge: 

The pledge was sent to all state level candidates on May 18th. 

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