Candidate Pledge

  • I pledge to conduct myself professionally, with honesty, accuracy, transparency and an understanding of my responsibility to serve all of the people of Pennsylvania.  ______ (your initials)
  • I pledge to post my expenses and my votes on my website for the public to view. _____(initials)
  • I pledge to adhere to the articles and values of Pennsylvania Constitution. _____(initials)  
  • I pledge to accept no gifts and to support legislation to ban gifts to all Legislators and their staff. _____(initials)
  • I pledge to work earnestly, with transparency, and across partisan lines to pass a budget that serves the people of Pennsylvania justly, fairly and on time. _____(initials)                                      
  • I pledge to support legislation to take away the responsibility for the redistricting process from the partisan inclinations of the Legislature, and instead, deliver it to a non-partisan citizens commission. _____(initials)
  • I pledge to treat all of my colleagues, staff, voters, and visitors with dignity and respect; creating a discrimination and harassment-free environment for all. _____(initials)
  • I pledge to support legislation that would ban pay-to-play and no-bid contracts and enact restrictions on campaign finance. _____(initials)
  • I pledge to support legislation to ensure that every citizen has a fair and equal opportunity to vote. _____(initials)            

     10)I pledge to only accept reimbursement for actual expenses, submit receipts, and not request

any unvouchered per diem payments. _____(initials)                                      


I pledge all of this as a sign of my dedication to honest government, to bring back to public service, and to embody the values of civility, compromise and common-sense on which this great nation was founded. Furthermore, I ask my constituents to hold me accountable to this pledge.


_______________________________________________ Date_______________

Printed name






Office being sought including district number




**Candidates, put your Initials on the blank  following each pledge that you agree with. There are 10. 


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